The idea of Black Bridge International (BBI) is of a decentralized anarchist mutual aid web. We hope BBI to be an efficient, decentralized, non-bureaucratic forum for international anarchists - individuals or organizations - to share information and recources.

We see five interconnected components to BBI: Resources, Skills, Networking, Propaganda and Solidarity. Because it is completely voluntary there are no principles or statements for participants to sign on to, other than being anarchist organization in the broadest sense. All participating organizations/individuals are independent and retain complete autonomy. For that reason, the form, structure, and function of BBI is also open and changing as people from around the world use the forum.

The key to anarchism’s survival is the simple idea of mutual aid. —Peter Kropotkin
This site is undergoing a redesign. Check back as we will be updating all the pages in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for the support. You can get in touch with us at: