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Anarchism in Bulgaria

Who we are, or Anarchism Bulgarian style

(an excerpt)

They say we are just a bunch of good-for-nothing old rascals, rebelling against the social order out of boredom or because we have nothing better to do. But they are wrong - we are young people, students and workers, and our only fault is our will to live free. We are the guilty conscience of the "nouveaux riches", and of all those who have accumulated money and power by cheating and thieving.

We are struggling against the injustices of the state, against corrupt politicians, greedy "patriotic" businessmen, and raging nationalists. We strongly oppose the ways of life of the "golden Bulgarian youth", of those young Bulgarians living in luxury in their spacious downtown apartments, driving expensive cars, and eating in fancy restaurants, while their neighbors are starving.

We oppose the newly-fledged Bulgarian "yuppies" working for big foreign businesses, who slowly but steadily are selling off the country (not the state), while pandering to the interests of global capital, and turning our land into the waste basket of both Europe and America.

Until now our activity has been mostly educational. We wish to remind people of the enduring ideas of anarchism, ideas of freedom, equality and anti-authoritarianism. We extend our solidarity to all anarchist groups in our country and abroad, and wish to join them in the struggle.

Long live freedom!
Long live anarchy!


To learn more about anarchists in Bulgaria check out their web site (in Bulgarian):

Anarchy in BG - the first Bulgarian web site.

Bread and Freedom - Anarchist Web Zine.

Z Magazine Bulgaria

X-rate Propaganda - Another anarchist site.

or email: anarchy@bulgaria.com