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Black Bridge International

Black Bridge International (BBI) is a decentralized anarchist mutual aid web. BBI seeks to provide an efficient (and non-bureaucratic) forum for international anarchist organizations to share aid. BBI is organized into five interconnected components: Resources, Skills, Networking, Propaganda and Solidarity. Because it is completely voluntary there are no principles or statements for participants to sign on to, other than being anarchist organization in the broadest sense. All participating organizations/individuals are independent and retain complete autonomy.

Setting Up A Node:

An anarchist group(s) may contact the BBI expressing their desire to become a node. The requesting organization (s) should send a brief description of what they are doing in their country, what they need, what they can share and contact information. BBI will then place the information on to its web site and seek to "connect" them to the BBI mutual aid web.

Connections are made when participants of already established BBI nodes travel to that region and meet with the requesting anarchist organization(s). Normally, the hosting node will bring along resources to welcome the new node into the web. These resources may include such things as: computers, video cameras, supplies, funds, etc. In return, the requesting anarchist organization(s) will provide the node with any literature, information and other supplies that can be redistributed throughout the BBI web.

Once inside the web, all nodes will participate in a voluntary mutual aid network.


The main goal of the BBI is to aid in securing needed resources to nodes (as determined by the individual nodes). These resources could include: literature, technology or funds. Obviously some nodes will have greater access to these resources than other nodes and are expected to share with nodes that have greater obstacles in getting needed resources.

BBI will facilitate resource gathering/fundraising for nodes in regions outside their own. (See BBI Model of Resource Gathering/ Fundraising)

Each node will decide ahead of time how resources will be distributed in their region. Every regional system is autonomous but whatever system the region utilizes will be made available to all other nodes of the BBI web.


Like resources, skills are an important part of any mutual aid web. BBI recognizes that many nodes that have limited resources and resource gathering capabilities may be quite rich in skills. Skills could include technological, organizational, writing, artistic and tactical. Nodes may use the BBI bulletin board to request skills they may be lacking.


BBI encourages face-to-face and other connections between participating nodes. All nodes are expected to foster relationships between different anarchists and anarchist organizations of different regions/nodes. This can be done by providing contact for traveling anarchists, using e-mail and other Internet resources, sharing literature, writing, etc.


Each node is expected to keep the BBI web abreast of anarchist/political developments in their region. This will allow each region to be better connected to the "anarchist world" and raise the consciousness of people in their region about anarchist activities abroad. This can be easily accomplished by adding to the regional node page on the BBI website, sharing literature or media accounts, posting things on the "BBI Alert" board, etc.


It is expected that each node will support the activities of the other nodes in the web. This support can take any number of forms and is left to the discretion of each regional node. Solidarity provides a useful tool to hinder the Nation States attempt to isolate and repress anarchists group around the world.

BBI Model for Resource Gathering/ Fundraising:

BBI has created a model) to aid in assisting nodes in much needed resource/fund raising campaigns. When an anarchist group is making contact with another region they can lay the framework of future resource/fund raising in their home region. BBI suggests that visiting BBI participants take a video camera to the area and allow the anarchists of that region to make a short video of their activities, the politics of that region and an appeal for what resources they need to expand or continue their work/projects. BBI visitors should also collect as much material: literature, press clippings, photographs, etc. that they can in that region.

Upon return, the visiting participants should craft a simple show/forum allowing as much as possible for the region to speak in their own words about their situation and needs. This can be a very effective and non-exploitative way to raise resources/funds in your home region to aid another region.

To aid in the interconnectedness of the BBI mutual aid web, it is suggested that any show/forum or materials gathered during a "contact" be copied and sent to the BBI. BBI will keep a library of such shows so that any BBI group may participate in aiding any other node in the web and thus allowing for the maximum decentralization of the process.

In addition it is suggested that each node in need of resources places a "wish list" of things they need on their regional node page and contact information for receiving the requested items. Each region is responsible for updating their "wish-list" to avoid needless duplication of efforts and the wasting of precious resources. This again allows for the greatest decentralization and flexibility while still allowing each region to access the entire BBI mutual aid web.


General Donations:
BBI seeks general donations of funds in order to pay for the maintaining the resource/fund raising library of aids (video tapes of different regions). BBI does NOT seek general funds or resources to be sent to them, but encourages donating individuals to send to all such donations to particular regional nodes. BBI can aid any group interested in doing this.

Contacting a Requesting Node:

Any visitors to a requesting node (list of requesting nodes is available on the BBI web page) are asked to please contact the BBI. This will allow us to aid you in setting up contacts in the visited region and allow us to keep track of which requesting nodes are still in need of contacts. By contacting us prior to your trip, we also maybe helpful in facilitating a successful and complete contact with the visited region and the development of a successful node in the BBI mutual aid web.

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